ZaZa Wood Fired Pizza

At ZaZa  wood- fired Pizza you will experience the real taste of Italian pizza made with  imported best Italian
flour, and authentic San Marzano tomato (certified by the Italian government to be grown in the volcanic soil
south of Naples “Italy” known for its temperate climate) and fine Italian mozzarella. With Our wood-fired oven
imported from Italy and installed here to ensure the highest quality and taste.

The ingredients are the key to our pizza at ZaZa Wood-Fired Pizza, and some of our ingredient make the
difference because they come from specific product from a specific place, like our flour, tomatoes and
cheeses, ZaZa also  offer  a range of Mediterranean dishes  like lentil soup, fattoush, and falafel.

Read more about ZaZa wood- fired Pizza in The Toledo City paper article,
Prince of pizza - http://www.toledocitypaper.com/August-Issue-1-2013/Prince-of-pizza/ 

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